Personal Opinions


The sort of relationship that’s not really one! you simply around cause you scared of being alone or maybe public opinion. You are unsure if you good enough for him? If he loves you for real? If you will meet his expectations?

It gets so bad when you cant speak your mind cause you think he will see you as lesser of a partner or you will loose him. It gets worse when he cheats on you and you still stick around “in the name of love” Its unfortunate we open our eyes too late, when the damage is already done.

Yes he will leave you because you not woman enough for him worse still for yourself. If you can set your standards and stick to them with no compromise, even i will respect you and want to be you. But if you don’t love yourself and give yourself the respect you deserve then no one will until you stand up for yourself. For crying out loud, you beautiful, so beautiful that the best the world has to offer will be at your feet. Wanting you, why waste your pretty self?

Later you become the “walking dead” because your heart is frozen. Its not his fault, am sorry, but you to blame for your own issues. Self esteem issues, loneliness, 30 year old single not searching…

When He says “I have plans to prosper you not to harm you, plans to give you hope and  a future” Why doubt Him? He who is grater than any catastrophe, heart break, most importantly, any man who claims loves you…

Why then take matters in your hand? Do you not trust Him? Hasn’t He proved himself worthy of taking care of you? Am talking about God. He is the one man that is truly worthy of your love. Give Him a chance and I promise you won’t be alone. He has your best interest at heart, trust me.

Surrender all your worries about relationships, men, marriage to Him. He has it all under control. You are going to be happy.