17 Apr

The best person I have met this year. You can’t explain God’s timing but He knows best.

What do I say that hasn’t been said? Someone said that believers don’t say goodbye they say see you later. Because we will all meet in heaven so lets just say I miss you, and see you soon.

I appreciate the role you played in my life and I can say you taught me a lot in such a short time. I can only imagine what you taught those that have known you for years.  You spoke volumes even in your introvert nature and you were open-minded. What a blessing you were to many, I was moved by those that spoke of your love and kindness towards them and those that said “You left a scar in my heart and I will put to practice what you taught me and I will not disappoint…”

People have learnt lessons from your departure and so have I. I pray that for no one second shall I forget those lessons.

I realized that you are gone in body and not in spirit. Being that the body is just a wire mesh to help us interact with the world but who we really are is the soul. That was my lesson number one. See, wisdom already lol!

BYE! kabz pic



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Posted by on April 17, 2014 in Personal Developement


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