KENYAN MUSIC! At the rise or fall!

They call it informal… I call it sleek. What? I know it’s what you asking, it’s the format silly! hehehe Then you go like what is this piece about? 

oh p.s i am not playing psychic nor trying to be one.

Distracted, exactly what i wanted you to be. Up to this point i haven’t written the title for this, but if you reading it then it means it has one.

What artists sing today, The Italic part is just a load of nonsense. It has no content, it has no flow. In a lyrical view, the first verse and chorus are not inline, and seems they are two different songs. This is an overview of Kenyan music. Kenyan Music is both gospel and secular.

Whats the problem? Am doing research on what good music looks like. In terms of production to the producers,  from the lyrics to the artists, and most probably i will share links. I have talked to Deejays and some artists and hear what they have to say about the same.

My personal research has shed some light on what i didn’t know. With the help of Warui Nduati a good friend of mine, whose love and passion for music is overwhelming that he has aspired to be among the few who want to take this industry to the next level. what we found out…

How a stereotypes come up with lyrics. Gets good beats, download, online or in person. Then with the inspiration of the beats then get words that fit in. lol! So after that you have a track.Record it and move to the next song. He/She may get to release a single as anticipation for a whole project i.e album or mix tape etc. Next step, for presentation purposes do the artwork. That is all about marketing. So get a marketer/promoters and send the music to the public anyway they know how. Post it, share it, gigs, Deejays etc. Money Matters! A track can be sold online or via CD forum. They can use a sales team or do it themselves. Social media, radio requests and media coverage i mean the music will go all out!

Now to the consumer, the not supportive consumer. A listener will consume music on grounds of, interest, curiosity and accidentally. How? Wonder no more. Interest is built by preference of a certain genre of music or an artist. Curiosity is out of an over hype by people around. Accidentally heard on the radio, randomly. Truth is artists are depending on the consumers response. How they react to the music will decide the airplay of the music.

Problems in the Kenyan Music? Many but all cover two major ones, 1 the artist and 2 The consumer. Lets start with the later, they are in all honesty not supportive. why? (This may include the artists’ flaws).