Personal Opinions

You Think?!

You would think you special because somethings don’t happen to you.

Why then does it and should it happen to other people? Don’t we serve the same God? Doesn’t He love us all the same way that he sent His son to die for all of us and not just some of us? So what makes you think you are any special?

I use to ask myself why such hasn’t happened to me? Am I better with how I Live my life? Are my Imperfections that beautiful? Why Lord? Don’t get me wrong, am not asking for bad things to happen, am simply wondering what right am doing.

You know the answer to that? We are all at risk, it can happen to all of us at any time or anywhere with whomever. Get me right, there is nothing that is exempting us from such situations, just that the favor of God is with us all. His grace gets us through all days. So you not perfect or better off than any one, in God’s eyes we are all the same. You don’t live a more righteous life than the rest of us, you don’t do more good things than any of us.

So hopefully when yours comes you will be ready and assured of where your eternity lies. Just like we don’t know when Christ is coming but we have to be ready if we want to go with HIM.

Everything can change in a split second!