In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “A Moment in Time.”

Last Picture I took? No He took! All i did was stand next to him and smiled or goofed. All that mattered was that He was in it too. 

That particular space in time was meant for us, just the two of us. No one else was in the picture, or in that space. I was His and He was Mine For those few minutes it was us against the world. The environment called for a picture.

The result of the pictures wasn’t as expected, I mean killer photos, they were just normal low res pictures. It wasn’t the photos that were important it was the content. Us and the calm trees, the sweet breeze, the sun that hit our skins so gently, the fresh air and his scent, the beautiful buildings that surrounded us and the soft, so green grass. It was perfect and to me so special. I will forever see the picture and remember every tiny detail of that moment. It was pure bliss.

Even if I posted the picture no one would understand what was going on. Most importantly it wasn’t for critics to see it was just for Him and I. JUST US!


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