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Why is that even when you know the negative consequences of something you still do it? Is it the lack of wisdom or you plainly think you can handle it? 

Have you ever been unable to define what you feel for someone and what role you want them to play in your life? When they leave you want them, when they are there you don’t pay much attention though you enjoy their company and they yours. They like you, you like them not sure if its enough to date them or not. Or is it just the excitement then once you start dating its gone? Do you want to build a life with them? Do you want to spend the rest of your life with them, are they worth your time? Do they make you want to be the best you can be? Can you stand their habits? Who they are generally, i mean personality and character? Can you picture yourself with them and in marriage with kids? Are you open and comfortable with being you around them? Can you do something together and make it work? Does being together make you feel like it’s the most beautiful thing you have ever experienced? Do they make time for you, does it feel special? Are you sure the feeling is mutual, i mean the intensity of what you feel the same? You can die for him and him you?Does everyone stop existing when in each others arms?

What is it about relationships that you can’t just make it work for the both of you? Are you scared about your experience? Should it play a role in your present? Are experiences the same? Is every relationship like the last?

Is it worth the risk?!


Do you have it all together?
Do you have it all together?

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