30 Jul

Am stuck in the usual Nairobi end month traffic, heading to town from westlands, old school music in the background in an old mini bus. Next to me is a lady trying to keep her mind off the traffic by watching videos on her phone. On the other side seats a middle aged lady so bored she decided to close her eyes for a second. A lot of chit chat is happening and everyone else is on their phone. Me? Well am writing for you.

I decided to think about my post on Instagram. It had a picture of a grid of my different facial expressions with a caption that had caught my attention from a book I have been reading.

“…Choice is Dignity…” that’s what it read. I started thinking about the decisions I have been making and if I realised how much power I had in the choices I wanted to make. To be honest I haven’t been using this power as it should. Al speak for myself when I say that, the choices I have made have been mostly influenced by people around me. Acting like I didn’t have the choice to make them independently.
Doing things because people expect it, or because it’s the norm. Never have I stopped to think that, what I do affects me more than it would anyone else.

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