Spiritual Growth


It’s by His grace that I have come this far. I found favor in His eyes and He heard my hearts cry. For so long, I had desired, needed, prayed and finally am here. Thanks to He who is greater than anything on the earth or the Heavens above. He is indeed a Mighty God. So much has been said about Him, but if you haven’t yet experienced it, you don’t know half of the story.

Let me give you a snick pick of my story with Him. Well It started with the constant push of my parents every Sunday to go to church and participate in Sunday school activities. Well you could say I was brought up in a christian family. Firm believers of the word, and of going to church. Then I didn’t get the reason and it never crossed my mind why we should go to church every Sunday. As is every child today and then. It was a thing we had to do, just like how we had to go to school everyday. All in all, I took it seriously and learned all I could and should. The lessons, bible stories, Sunday school songs are unforgettable. Now am older, and I forgot about doing the right thing for a while, missing out on church, not praying as I use to, not participating in youth church activities, but never for a moment did I question what I learnt in Sunday school, or teens class. In the back of my mind I knew that no matter what I did, God has His will and He got me and His way is the only way.

Then we were taught what is wrong and right. Now I understand why the Church services. It’s all because, one day we were going to grow up and we will be forced to make our decisions and have the power of free will. Back then we didn’t have, our parents had power over what we ate, wore and did in our life and with our lives. No matter the path we choose later on in life, the lessons still linger in our minds. We had a taste of God’s power and goodness, Mercy and love, blessings and favor.

No matter how old we are now, no matter what we do, no matter what we decide to ignore, we will always be aware that God’s way is THE WAY! Why the services and the push to go to church, was because we don’t miss out on God’s teachings, and that when the time comes for HIM to return, we won’t say we didn’t know.

Everything is all in His Glory. We may not understand it now but a time will come where we will need everything we were taught then.


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