Spiritual Growth


It’s by His grace that I have come this far. I found favor in His eyes and He heard my hearts cry. For so long, I had desired, needed, prayed and finally am here. Thanks to He who is greater than anything on the earth or the Heavens above. He is indeed a Mighty God. So much has been said about Him, but if you haven’t yet experienced it, you don’t know half of the story.

Let me give you a snick pick of my story with Him. Well It started with the constant push of my parents every Sunday to go to church and participate in Sunday school activities. Well you could say I was brought up in a christian family. Firm believers of the word, and of going to church. Then I didn’t get the reason and it never crossed my mind why we should go to church every Sunday. As is every child today and then. It was a thing we had to do, just like how we had to go to school everyday. All in all, I took it seriously and learned all I could and should. The lessons, bible stories, Sunday school songs are unforgettable. Now am older, and I forgot about doing the right thing for a while, missing out on church, not praying as I use to, not participating in youth church activities, but never for a moment did I question what I learnt in Sunday school, or teens class. In the back of my mind I knew that no matter what I did, God has His will and He got me and His way is the only way.

Then we were taught what is wrong and right. Now I understand why the Church services. It’s all because, one day we were going to grow up and we will be forced to make our decisions and have the power of free will. Back then we didn’t have, our parents had power over what we ate, wore and did in our life and with our lives. No matter the path we choose later on in life, the lessons still linger in our minds. We had a taste of God’s power and goodness, Mercy and love, blessings and favor.

No matter how old we are now, no matter what we do, no matter what we decide to ignore, we will always be aware that God’s way is THE WAY! Why the services and the push to go to church, was because we don’t miss out on God’s teachings, and that when the time comes for HIM to return, we won’t say we didn’t know.

Everything is all in His Glory. We may not understand it now but a time will come where we will need everything we were taught then.



Am stuck in the usual Nairobi end month traffic, heading to town from westlands, old school music in the background in an old mini bus. Next to me is a lady trying to keep her mind off the traffic by watching videos on her phone. On the other side seats a middle aged lady so bored she decided to close her eyes for a second. A lot of chit chat is happening and everyone else is on their phone. Me? Well am writing for you.

I decided to think about my post on Instagram. It had a picture of a grid of my different facial expressions with a caption that had caught my attention from a book I have been reading.

“…Choice is Dignity…” that’s what it read. I started thinking about the decisions I have been making and if I realised how much power I had in the choices I wanted to make. To be honest I haven’t been using this power as it should. I’ll speak for myself when I say that, the choices I have made have been mostly influenced by people around me. Acting like I didn’t have the choice to make them independently.
Doing things because people expect it, or because it’s the norm. Never have I stopped to think that, what I do affects me more than it would anyone else.



It’s been a while since i wrote anything, not even a draft. So today i decided to take my mind off things. If you happen to come across my Instagram page i happen to have a lot of pictures, deep quotes here and there, family pictures etc. I don’t know if that’s me putting my life out there.

I like social media nowadays, much more than back then. My sudden interest comes from the posts that are put up everyday, the links that are shared all the time and the interesting artistic pictures plus videos. You gotta love social media. I know there are a lot of different items posted on each of the mentioned categories ( If i can call them that). My eye of interest has been and still is arts. Yes different forms of art, but my favorite is paintings, abstract paintings. (I would like to be one – an artist) Anything that doesn’t make sense to the normal eye makes very much sense to me. I like oddness, in color and structure.

Back to social Media, Its entertaining reading other people’s stories and shared links on how to’s. Time flies so fast when am on this sites. Someone told me that’s a bad thing. I don’t see how. I use my time learning other things and things that will most definitely help me out in life. I think its simply what you do in this sites that matter. This is an individual decision. We think different and we chasing different goals. Advice is good but sometimes its good to take your own advice.

My point is, I love social media. It helped me discover what i really enjoy most, especially in terms of music and art. It helps me read what other people have to say, seeing  the world through someone else’s eyes. Its quite interesting actually. I get to learn a lot of things, am usually very informed.

So whoever told me to calculate how much time I spend on social media and see how many years of my life i have wasted is actually a con. He wanted me to miss out on all the goodies that are there. (Am not being ignorant)

Since I don’t want you to miss out on the fun, well I’ll leave this here.

Personal Opinions


Only you understand what you going through. Only you can give the advice that best fits your situation. Only you know how much it hurts or how happy it makes you. Words are never enough to explain to someone how it feels. Sometimes “how it feels” can’t be understood even by you. Sometimes all you need is a “Me conversation”. Give yourself the pep talk.

People won’t always be there to listen. That’s why you need a backup plan. Which is you! you! you! You the one feeling the pain, the hurt, and the uncertainty. No one can understand you the way you do. Listen to yourself, your body, your emotions. Stop talking and trying to figure it out just Listen! The moment you understand what’s happening to you then you can start working it out. 

– Essy Shiro

Personal Opinions


Why is that even when you know the negative consequences of something you still do it? Is it the lack of wisdom or you plainly think you can handle it? 

Have you ever been unable to define what you feel for someone and what role you want them to play in your life? When they leave you want them, when they are there you don’t pay much attention though you enjoy their company and they yours. They like you, you like them not sure if its enough to date them or not. Or is it just the excitement then once you start dating its gone? Do you want to build a life with them? Do you want to spend the rest of your life with them, are they worth your time? Do they make you want to be the best you can be? Can you stand their habits? Who they are generally, i mean personality and character? Can you picture yourself with them and in marriage with kids? Are you open and comfortable with being you around them? Can you do something together and make it work? Does being together make you feel like it’s the most beautiful thing you have ever experienced? Do they make time for you, does it feel special? Are you sure the feeling is mutual, i mean the intensity of what you feel the same? You can die for him and him you?Does everyone stop existing when in each others arms?

What is it about relationships that you can’t just make it work for the both of you? Are you scared about your experience? Should it play a role in your present? Are experiences the same? Is every relationship like the last?

Is it worth the risk?!


Do you have it all together?
Do you have it all together?


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “A Moment in Time.”

Last Picture I took? No He took! All i did was stand next to him and smiled or goofed. All that mattered was that He was in it too. 

That particular space in time was meant for us, just the two of us. No one else was in the picture, or in that space. I was His and He was Mine For those few minutes it was us against the world. The environment called for a picture.

The result of the pictures wasn’t as expected, I mean killer photos, they were just normal low res pictures. It wasn’t the photos that were important it was the content. Us and the calm trees, the sweet breeze, the sun that hit our skins so gently, the fresh air and his scent, the beautiful buildings that surrounded us and the soft, so green grass. It was perfect and to me so special. I will forever see the picture and remember every tiny detail of that moment. It was pure bliss.

Even if I posted the picture no one would understand what was going on. Most importantly it wasn’t for critics to see it was just for Him and I. JUST US!

Personal Opinions

You Think?!

You would think you special because somethings don’t happen to you.

Why then does it and should it happen to other people? Don’t we serve the same God? Doesn’t He love us all the same way that he sent His son to die for all of us and not just some of us? So what makes you think you are any special?

I use to ask myself why such hasn’t happened to me? Am I better with how I Live my life? Are my Imperfections that beautiful? Why Lord? Don’t get me wrong, am not asking for bad things to happen, am simply wondering what right am doing.

You know the answer to that? We are all at risk, it can happen to all of us at any time or anywhere with whomever. Get me right, there is nothing that is exempting us from such situations, just that the favor of God is with us all. His grace gets us through all days. So you not perfect or better off than any one, in God’s eyes we are all the same. You don’t live a more righteous life than the rest of us, you don’t do more good things than any of us.

So hopefully when yours comes you will be ready and assured of where your eternity lies. Just like we don’t know when Christ is coming but we have to be ready if we want to go with HIM.

Everything can change in a split second!