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Only you understand what you going through. Only you can give the advice that best fits your situation. Only you know how much it hurts or how happy it makes you. Words are never enough to explain to someone how it feels. Sometimes “how it feels” can’t be understood even by you. Sometimes all you need is a “Me conversation”. Give yourself the pep talk.

People won’t always be there to listen. That’s why you need a backup plan. Which is you! you! you! You the one feeling the pain, the hurt, and the uncertainty. No one can understand you the way you do. Listen to yourself, your body, your emotions. Stop talking and trying to figure it out just Listen! The moment you understand what’s happening to you then you can start working it out. 

– Essy Shiro

Personal Opinions


Why is that even when you know the negative consequences of something you still do it? Is it the lack of wisdom or you plainly think you can handle it? 

Have you ever been unable to define what you feel for someone and what role you want them to play in your life? When they leave you want them, when they are there you don’t pay much attention though you enjoy their company and they yours. They like you, you like them not sure if its enough to date them or not. Or is it just the excitement then once you start dating its gone? Do you want to build a life with them? Do you want to spend the rest of your life with them, are they worth your time? Do they make you want to be the best you can be? Can you stand their habits? Who they are generally, i mean personality and character? Can you picture yourself with them and in marriage with kids? Are you open and comfortable with being you around them? Can you do something together and make it work? Does being together make you feel like it’s the most beautiful thing you have ever experienced? Do they make time for you, does it feel special? Are you sure the feeling is mutual, i mean the intensity of what you feel the same? You can die for him and him you?Does everyone stop existing when in each others arms?

What is it about relationships that you can’t just make it work for the both of you? Are you scared about your experience? Should it play a role in your present? Are experiences the same? Is every relationship like the last?

Is it worth the risk?!


Do you have it all together?
Do you have it all together?
Personal Opinions

You Think?!

You would think you special because somethings don’t happen to you.

Why then does it and should it happen to other people? Don’t we serve the same God? Doesn’t He love us all the same way that he sent His son to die for all of us and not just some of us? So what makes you think you are any special?

I use to ask myself why such hasn’t happened to me? Am I better with how I Live my life? Are my Imperfections that beautiful? Why Lord? Don’t get me wrong, am not asking for bad things to happen, am simply wondering what right am doing.

You know the answer to that? We are all at risk, it can happen to all of us at any time or anywhere with whomever. Get me right, there is nothing that is exempting us from such situations, just that the favor of God is with us all. His grace gets us through all days. So you not perfect or better off than any one, in God’s eyes we are all the same. You don’t live a more righteous life than the rest of us, you don’t do more good things than any of us.

So hopefully when yours comes you will be ready and assured of where your eternity lies. Just like we don’t know when Christ is coming but we have to be ready if we want to go with HIM.

Everything can change in a split second!


Personal Opinions

Social Existence

We worry a lot about who listens to us or who is looking at us. We put so much effort in making sure we fit in. #Myobservation We too busy worrying about what people will say when in reality we should be worrying about what God will say and what He thinks about us.

We need to seek God’s presence and live to please Him. If you research, you will find out that those who lived to please God got the attention that you looking for. People look up to them, they are respected, admired, loved, consulted when need be, their opinions have so much weight etc… Why? Because God is in them. God is almighty and He is known for His goodness, wisdom and compassion. Good things come to those who are of God and delight in Him… It is not by their power or doing but by God’s wisdom and strength.

God exalts the humble! Ever thought about that? Someone said “You should be led before you are in a position to lead”  You cannot be an employer if you don’t understand what being an employee is. God takes you to heights if you allow Him.

When you worry about what God thinks about you, you will do everything to please Him even give up your friends just to get better ones, Him being number one. Trust me when you do what God wants you to do, you attract all the right people and because you have humility people start looking at you differently.

# Whatever you do may not be recognized by men but by God.



Personal Opinions


The sort of relationship that’s not really one! you simply around cause you scared of being alone or maybe public opinion. You are unsure if you good enough for him? If he loves you for real? If you will meet his expectations?

It gets so bad when you cant speak your mind cause you think he will see you as lesser of a partner or you will loose him. It gets worse when he cheats on you and you still stick around “in the name of love” Its unfortunate we open our eyes too late, when the damage is already done.

Yes he will leave you because you not woman enough for him worse still for yourself. If you can set your standards and stick to them with no compromise, even i will respect you and want to be you. But if you don’t love yourself and give yourself the respect you deserve then no one will until you stand up for yourself. For crying out loud, you beautiful, so beautiful that the best the world has to offer will be at your feet. Wanting you, why waste your pretty self?

Later you become the “walking dead” because your heart is frozen. Its not his fault, am sorry, but you to blame for your own issues. Self esteem issues, loneliness, 30 year old single not searching…

When He says “I have plans to prosper you not to harm you, plans to give you hope and  a future” Why doubt Him? He who is grater than any catastrophe, heart break, most importantly, any man who claims loves you…

Why then take matters in your hand? Do you not trust Him? Hasn’t He proved himself worthy of taking care of you? Am talking about God. He is the one man that is truly worthy of your love. Give Him a chance and I promise you won’t be alone. He has your best interest at heart, trust me.

Surrender all your worries about relationships, men, marriage to Him. He has it all under control. You are going to be happy.

Personal Opinions


The best thing anyone could ever ask for is, a person who knows what you have been through and who understands and does not judge you. They are the same people you can count on at anytime and any day.

Why am I saying this? I have been through this myself. I mean, getting advice from people who don’t know how it feels to be in your situation. Many a times we run to best friends, other times to relatives e.g. cousins, at times anyone who comes your way. This is wrong, I am not saying be an introvert, am saying vent to the right person. Best friends, cousins etc can work when you need someone to listen to you, but sometimes they can’t help because they have no idea what you are talking about. “One time I needed help with my spiritual life and the person closest to me was my best friend. I hadn’t yet made friends, I mean real friends who I can talk to about this, in church. At that time my best friend hadn’t taken the church “thing” seriously. So I wasn’t really comfortable telling her what was bothering me because she wouldn’t understand. I believe she couldn’t help me. If she was saved and took salvation seriously then she would have been of great help.”

So who do you need to tell what you’re going through? You need to open up to someone, first of all someone you can trust and you are comfortable with. Second, someone more mature than you, someone who has been through what you are going through and has come out of the situation a winner. Lastly someone who believes in God. These guys will refer you to the best adviser, i.e. the bible. The bible has answers to all our questions; it has solutions to all our problems.

With age comes wisdom, so the younger we are the unreasonable way we vent. We talk to friends who are our age mates or slightly older and can manipulate us. They tell us things that young people want to hear but not what they need to. Things that get them hyped. Things like drugs, sex, homosexuality, pornography and other sorts of malice. This destroys them, so they need to get advice from the right guys. who have experience and are wise.