KENYAN MUSIC! At the rise or fall!

They call it informal… I call it sleek. What? I know it’s what you asking, it’s the format silly! hehehe Then you go like what is this piece about? 

oh p.s i am not playing psychic nor trying to be one.

Distracted, exactly what i wanted you to be. Up to this point i haven’t written the title for this, but if you reading it then it means it has one.

What artists sing today, The Italic part is just a load of nonsense. It has no content, it has no flow. In a lyrical view, the first verse and chorus are not inline, and seems they are two different songs. This is an overview of Kenyan music. Kenyan Music is both gospel and secular.

Whats the problem? Am doing research on what good music looks like. In terms of production to the producers,  from the lyrics to the artists, and most probably i will share links. I have talked to Deejays and some artists and hear what they have to say about the same.

My personal research has shed some light on what i didn’t know. With the help of Warui Nduati a good friend of mine, whose love and passion for music is overwhelming that he has aspired to be among the few who want to take this industry to the next level. what we found out…

How a stereotypes come up with lyrics. Gets good beats, download, online or in person. Then with the inspiration of the beats then get words that fit in. lol! So after that you have a track.Record it and move to the next song. He/She may get to release a single as anticipation for a whole project i.e album or mix tape etc. Next step, for presentation purposes do the artwork. That is all about marketing. So get a marketer/promoters and send the music to the public anyway they know how. Post it, share it, gigs, Deejays etc. Money Matters! A track can be sold online or via CD forum. They can use a sales team or do it themselves. Social media, radio requests and media coverage i mean the music will go all out!

Now to the consumer, the not supportive consumer. A listener will consume music on grounds of, interest, curiosity and accidentally. How? Wonder no more. Interest is built by preference of a certain genre of music or an artist. Curiosity is out of an over hype by people around. Accidentally heard on the radio, randomly. Truth is artists are depending on the consumers response. How they react to the music will decide the airplay of the music.

Problems in the Kenyan Music? Many but all cover two major ones, 1 the artist and 2 The consumer. Lets start with the later, they are in all honesty not supportive. why? (This may include the artists’ flaws).



Personal Developement



The way it has turned out, Beautiful. I am humbled by the creative mind that has come up with this… This is the beginning of using custom-made things, Fashion, Logos, Branding etc. Name it, think it… all custom-made!

Personal Opinions

Social Existence

We worry a lot about who listens to us or who is looking at us. We put so much effort in making sure we fit in. #Myobservation We too busy worrying about what people will say when in reality we should be worrying about what God will say and what He thinks about us.

We need to seek God’s presence and live to please Him. If you research, you will find out that those who lived to please God got the attention that you looking for. People look up to them, they are respected, admired, loved, consulted when need be, their opinions have so much weight etc… Why? Because God is in them. God is almighty and He is known for His goodness, wisdom and compassion. Good things come to those who are of God and delight in Him… It is not by their power or doing but by God’s wisdom and strength.

God exalts the humble! Ever thought about that? Someone said “You should be led before you are in a position to lead”  You cannot be an employer if you don’t understand what being an employee is. God takes you to heights if you allow Him.

When you worry about what God thinks about you, you will do everything to please Him even give up your friends just to get better ones, Him being number one. Trust me when you do what God wants you to do, you attract all the right people and because you have humility people start looking at you differently.

# Whatever you do may not be recognized by men but by God.



Personal Developement


The best person I have met this year. You can’t explain God’s timing but He knows best.

What do I say that hasn’t been said? Someone said that believers don’t say goodbye they say see you later. Because we will all meet in heaven so lets just say I miss you, and see you soon.

I appreciate the role you played in my life and I can say you taught me a lot in such a short time. I can only imagine what you taught those that have known you for years.  You spoke volumes even in your introvert nature and you were open-minded. What a blessing you were to many, I was moved by those that spoke of your love and kindness towards them and those that said “You left a scar in my heart and I will put to practice what you taught me and I will not disappoint…”

People have learnt lessons from your departure and so have I. I pray that for no one second shall I forget those lessons.

I realized that you are gone in body and not in spirit. Being that the body is just a wire mesh to help us interact with the world but who we really are is the soul. That was my lesson number one. See, wisdom already lol!

BYE! kabz pic



Personal Developement


Yesterday was a pretty cool day. Better still it was an awesome weekend. I had the time of my life, am wishing every weekend would be this awesome. The ambiance, the people, the events etc. Everything was great

So this morning… I will look back at it and laugh so hard, but not today.

Do i start with what got me through this morning or do i go straight to the story telling??  Hmm??

So i woke up extremely early, very enthusiastic about today. positive, Hopeful, and everything nice. Got to showering, dressed up until i found something missing… As silly as this may sound, bear with me…typical lady… My jacket! It was meant to complement my outfit.

Do you have any idea what a lady has to go through before we get the “days” outfit? We put everything into thought, what shoes go with what jeans, what earrings match the top we wearing etc. stuff like that. So when one thing goes missing you have to start allover again. This in turn takes a lot of time.

My little sister, in high school, has the habit of wearing my clothes, without my permission. So today she decided to wear the jacket. Before i concluded it was her, i had to look for it in the house, from where I left it last night to everyone’s wardrobe. Time is gone already. Am running late, with nothing to wear and am sure there is traffic. I called her up and asked if she was wearing it, she says no. Its not the first time she has given me that answer then later confess. I called her a second time still no, she’s not wearing it. I decide to get my folks involved. My mum feels my pain.

Started causing. When I get so angry I cry if am not throwing things all over the place.

After cooling off, I wore another jacket that didn’t fit my preference. I stayed positive and wanted nothing to ruin my day or rather my week.

Am late, almost literally running to the stage. Fortunately there was no traffic. This bus driver  inconvenienced us by dropping us off at the wrong stage. So now i had to get another bus to get me into town. Got into town, p.s payed extra fare. I had to get another bus to westlands, at least this one didn’t delay me. Now if the day couldn’t get any worse my line gets disconnected. I can’t make phone calls, I haven’t paid my bill. REALLY??!!

I get to the office and the meeting has already started. Why am I late? Was almost in tears, but if am not wrong I must have shed a few on the way.

What got me through the harsh morning? Sundays lessons from the service and bible study. What I learnt?

God tests you in ways He knows you can handle, but you don’t know that yet. FOUNDATION, ROOTS! What is my foundation? If your foundation is on sand then when every trial comes and temptations or challenges, you will surely fall…(Wind and storms) If your foundation is on rock, (Christ) then you will surely stand through every storm. Christ is the firm ground that gets us through everything. Whether under pressure, stressed, confused, just at your downfall then He will keep you going.

He who is in us is greater than he who is in the world. So if we believe that we have the power in us, from God, then we are unstoppable.  When everything was going wrong I called on Him and I felt more assured that He will get me through, and for sure He did. He says that in all situations give thanks. He knows why everything happened the way it did. Every time was pushed to the wall and was breaking down, He kept me sane.

GOD thank you for every instance this morning and thank you for getting me through it all, and getting me to work. I love you and I bless your name.




Personal Opinions


The sort of relationship that’s not really one! you simply around cause you scared of being alone or maybe public opinion. You are unsure if you good enough for him? If he loves you for real? If you will meet his expectations?

It gets so bad when you cant speak your mind cause you think he will see you as lesser of a partner or you will loose him. It gets worse when he cheats on you and you still stick around “in the name of love” Its unfortunate we open our eyes too late, when the damage is already done.

Yes he will leave you because you not woman enough for him worse still for yourself. If you can set your standards and stick to them with no compromise, even i will respect you and want to be you. But if you don’t love yourself and give yourself the respect you deserve then no one will until you stand up for yourself. For crying out loud, you beautiful, so beautiful that the best the world has to offer will be at your feet. Wanting you, why waste your pretty self?

Later you become the “walking dead” because your heart is frozen. Its not his fault, am sorry, but you to blame for your own issues. Self esteem issues, loneliness, 30 year old single not searching…

When He says “I have plans to prosper you not to harm you, plans to give you hope and  a future” Why doubt Him? He who is grater than any catastrophe, heart break, most importantly, any man who claims loves you…

Why then take matters in your hand? Do you not trust Him? Hasn’t He proved himself worthy of taking care of you? Am talking about God. He is the one man that is truly worthy of your love. Give Him a chance and I promise you won’t be alone. He has your best interest at heart, trust me.

Surrender all your worries about relationships, men, marriage to Him. He has it all under control. You are going to be happy.